Process Mining Meets the KNIME Analytics Platform

PM4KNIME is a process mining extension developed by the Process Mining Group of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology for the leading open-source data science platform KNIME. PM4KNIME implements several state-of-the-art process mining algorithms in a user-friendly manner and is distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.

KNIME is an open-source workflow-based analytics platform that supports various techniques in the field of data science. Workflows are built in KNIME by sequentially connecting different nodes where each node is dedicated to performing a specific task based on the results of the preceding nodes. PM4KNIME integrates process mining into KNIME, allowing for the creation of analytics workflows that combine process mining with the other types of data science techniques available in KNIME in a scalable user-friendly environment.


Functionality Overview

Get a selection of the most powerful process mining algorithms in KNIME.
Create large-scale and repetitive analytics, fused with process mining.
Create your process analysis comfortably in a visual workflow environment.
Discover process models from your event data.
Effortlessly use other KNIME extensions to further preprocess and post-process the data for process mining algorithms.
Save your current analysis, with its configuration and input as KNIME workflows, and share it with others!


An overview of the included nodes in the latest version of PM4KNIME is available on the KNIME Hub.


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